Clement Picquet Explains The Time Value of Money

A discussion of opportunity costs and the time value of money from a financial expert who routinely deals with long term budget strategies and investment decisions based on achieving a high short term return on investment (ROI) was well as a longer term creation of recurring revenue streams.

Lauren MacEwen On Long Term Fiscal Planning

Lauren MacEwen is a Social Media strategist with a strong background in the frenetic world of Silicon Valley tech start-ups. Individual consumers can often learn a tremendous amount, simply by applying the same sort of strategies to their personal finances that commercial planning experts use to allocate spending and curtail waste in much larger venture. Today we sat down with Ms. MacEwen to discuss the benefits of Long Term Fiscal Planning, over a day by day approach to money management.

Colin Rowntree Explains The Importance Of An Honest Budget

When it comes to Credit decisions, being honest with banks and lenders is always legally required, but all too often consumers fail to be equally honest with themselves. Colin Rowntree discusses the virtue of honesty internally and externally, while explaining The Importance Of Creating and Managing An Honest Budget.