Retrieve Reports

Credit consulting starts with retrieval of your official credit score and all relevant reports from the credit bureaus responsible for recording your data and generating your FICO information when requested by Banks and other lending organizations.

Free Credit Reporting

Credit reports can be retrieved for free, and additional data may be requested as part of a package offered by affiliated credit support service providers for a nominal fee. Getting the most recent and most accurate information is the first step toward solving your credit challenges.

Identify Errors

Your credit report may seem complicated at first, but with the help of a trusted credit consultant you can quickly begin to make sense of the information it contains. All of your past payment history, missed or late payments and other infractions will appear on the report.

Errors Are Common

What surprises many people is the fact that errors are common and some of these damaging errors can be fixed quickly with a simple email letter or phone call. Your trusted credit repair specialist can walk you through the entire error correction process.

Repair And Reply

In many cases, the worst thing you can do is allow your credit report to go without any repair or reply. When a credit bureau receives faulty or inaccurate information, the best way to correct it is to reply through the proper channels to fix errors and explain away the negative items harming your credit worthiness.

Solve Credit Complaints

Being accountable starts with answering questions and giving the credit bureaus the information needed to clean up your credit history. Often a poor credit score is the direct result of failing to monitor your own credit, shying away from answering questions fully or deciding not to supply the documentation needed to substantiate your own claims.

Dispute Resolution

If errors, omissions or areas of dispute are identified and informing the lender fails to achieve the desired results, there are many tools available to file formal complaints or proceed further with your credit dispute in an effort to restore your good credit and maintain a high credit score.

Notify And Resolve

Each credit dispute tool from formal complaints to legal actions is explained by our trusted strategic partners, and you decide which course of action you would like to take after consulting with credit experts about the best path to move you forward.

The Law Is On Your Side:

The law requires that all information reported about you to credit bureaus must be: Fair, Accurate, Relevant, Substantiated and Verifiable. These are important standards that can be used to protect your credit against erroneous reporting, accidental errors, malicious persecution and frivolous claims. helps you get the credit score you deserve!