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Stay up to date with all the current events and credit news relevant to consumers by visiting this page often. We help you make sense of the credit world, and assist you in making smarter dollars and cents decisions. Improving your credit score starts with getting a better understanding of the news, services and support that are relevant to the health of your credit.
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Protecting Your Credit Score Is Even Easier Than Fixing It

Most of the people who turn to for our assistance are already dealing with issues stemming from a low credit score or a bad credit history. While there is a lot that can be done to help solve those challenges, it is worth noting that a lot can be done proactively, before any credit issues become problematic for you. In fact, in many ways, Protecting Your Good Credit Score Is Easier Than Fixing It after something negative is reported to the credit bureaus. Learn how to properly challenge a charge, how to dispute a negative remark and more.

Five Ways To Score Better With Credit Bureaus

There are many ways to establish a strong credit history and a good credit score. Some, like making your payments on time, are very obvious - others are more subtle and become overlooked by some consumers. See if you are doing all you can to grow your credit score properly with these 5 simple tips.

Does Bankruptcy Ruin Your Credit Forever?

Bankruptcy laws have changed tremendously in recent years. They also differ substantially from one State to another within the United States and Federal laws also affect the outcome of your Bankruptcy proceedings. It is absolutely essential that you speak with a licensed attorney about your particular circumstances when considering any form of Bankruptcy Protection. This article is not intended to give legal advice of any kind. In fact, the purpose of this article is to raise some of the issues that you may want to discuss with your attorney in order to facilitate a better relationship as you move forward toward financial recovery.

Credit Tips For Teens And Their Parents

College has become an enormous expense for most American families, and that only includes the basic costs of tuition or room and board. The additional living expenses and financial security measures often include your teen acquiring their own credit card for the first time. That presents parents with a new set of challenges and this article is intended to assist you with creating a dialogue that may help your own young-adult avoid many of the financial pitfalls that have plagued so many others who accept credit offers on campus and misuse their newfound freedom to their own monetary detriment.

Should You Sign Up For Store Credit Cards?

You've been there plenty of times in the past. Standing at the checkout cash register talking to the store clerk as she rings up your newest purchase, and then deciding whether or not to accept their offer for a new Store Credit Card that often comes with a first purchase discount or other seemingly desirable benefits. Should you say yes? There are a few things you should be considering and this article will help you think it through for yourself.